The main dates

1731Michel Bouchard and his family settle in Burgundy.
1738 : They buy a mansion in Beaune's rue Bretonnière..
1750Joseph Bouchard, Michel's eldest son, single-handedly takes on the family fabric business and wine brokerage. 
1759Birth of Antoine-Philibert (1759 – 1860), who would be known as "The Centenarian".
1760The fabric and wine businesses are dissociated. This date marks the real beginning of the boom in the wine trade.

1780Antoine-Philibert Joseph, Joseph's eldest son, become involved with the familly business. 
1783 : Birth of Théodore-Joseph Bouchard, the eldest son of Antoine Philibert.
1797Joseph Bouchard retires.
1810The French market remains the main market for our House, but sales in Belgium increase and new European markets begin to open up in Germany, England, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. 
1824Antoine retires.

1828Théodore-Joseph, Antoine-Philibert's eldest son, starts his own wine brokerage. The House of Bouchard Aîné et Fils becomes a household name. 
1847Paul Bouchard,  Théodore-Joseph's eldest son, single-handedly takes over management of the company. It is under this charismatic man, a member of the fifth generation of the family, that Bouchard Aîné expands its business especially on an international level. Paul Bouchard was also mayor of Beaune from 1871 to 1898. He left his mark very noticeably both in the town's appearance and its institutions. 
1860Taking advantage of the free trade treaty, Bouchard Aîné & Fils increasingly expands its business internationally . After conquering Great Britain and America it makes a name for itself in Russia and Latvia, finding special favour with illustrious dignitaries such as the Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich of Russia and Prince Alexander Bariatinsky. Then the German, Danish and Scandinavian markets open up. The French colonial empire paves the way for Bouchard Aîné & Fils to develop its business in Algeria and Indochina. 
1890Bouchard Aîné & Fils is now also enjoyed in China, Japan, India, South America and Africa. Bouchard Aîné becomes the largest exporter in Burgundy, shipping its wines to over 30 countries.
1900The vertical "seal of quality" band first appears on the bottles. 

1905Charles Bouchard takes over the management. He is faced to the economic hardship that hits the viticultural industry in the early 20th century due to the consequences of phylloxera, the First World War, prohibition in the United States and the stock market crash.
1926 Creation of Bouchard Aîné Limited in Great Britain.
1929Bouchard Aîné & Fils becomes a limited company owned by all of Charles' children.
1950The eighth generation of the family celebrates the bicentennial of Michel Bouchard's arrival in Beaune.
1990The House's wines are sold in over 130 countries. 

1993Bouchard Aîné et Fils is bought by the Boisset Family.
1998 The winemaking cellars are opened to the public, the wine shop is opened, and the "Tour of the 5 Senses®" is launched. 
2000Bouchard celebrates 200 years of operation and invests in a new winery in Beaune. 
2002Launch of the "Cuvée Signature" range. 
2003 : Publication of the book "A Legend in Burgundy", a research work with regard to the Bouchards.

2005Bouchard Aîné et Fils sells more than 4 million bottles throughout the world. 

Launch of a new range of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines from the Pays d'Oc in the South-Western France. This wines benefit from Bouchard Aîné expertise in working with these two Burgundian varietals, while the diversity of their terroir is respected.  

6 international Chefs update the "Chefs' Menu" to illustrate the taste segment of the "Tour of the 5 Senses®".The Chefs created a menu to be paired with one of our wine, in order to reach perfection. 

2009 Winemaker for a day program. He gave the opportunity to some of our clients to create their own cuvée for one day.   
2011Launch of the ranges Collection and Héritage du Conseiller, new engraved bottle. 
2012New haute couture packaging. 

2013: New website and social media presence.