Vine varietals

The varietal refers to the grape, which contributes to giving the wine its personality.

This is all the more true in Burgundy, where the wines produced are single varietals as compared to elsewhere in France where the wines are made by blending several varietals.

Four varietals have, in different respects, anchored the reputation of Burgundy’s wines. 

However, two varietals dominate: Pinot Noir, producing great red wines, for which Burgundy is famous, and Chardonnay for the white wines. Aligoté is less prevalent, representing a mere 3% of the area under vine. The Gamay grape is the king varietal in the Beaujolais.

Our House pays close attention to the specific features of each varietal that contribute to the wine's richness and diversity : 

The Pinot Noir is a delicate and fragile varietal. A wine’s intensity and finesse is unveiled thanks to the particular care taken by our viniculteur,

Our viniculteur leaves the Chardonnay grape - The King varietal of the greatest white wines in the world, to express slowly.  This varietal only reveals its aromatic potential after a long maturation process, 

With regards to the Aligoté, it is all about mastering its tartness, which is naturally more prevalent than in the Chardonnay. The goal is to obtain a balanced and subtle wine, ideally served as an aperitif.