Patience, the master element

Following vinification, the wines are aged in our cellars by the House winemaker who is careful to respect the terroir and varietal.

Ageing process rounds out the wine’s personality and gives it its House style, leaving a hallmark to each cuvée.

The result is as follows :

  • Elegant wines with good concentration without being overly aggressive.

  • Lovely structure and acidity levels that allow for good ageing potential.

  • Wines that are representative of their terroirs, respecting the nuance and range of expression that Burgundy’s terroirs and varietals have to offer.

Ageing lasts from 14 to 16 months in oak barrels with a proportion of 15 to 30% new oak.

The wine is fined before being bottled at the winery using a small, mobile bottling line.

Each varietal gives the wines its olfactory and gustatory characteristic, each terroir from which a wine originates leaves an emblem to each wine, each vintage adds a dimension of surprise and redefines expectations as far as balance, ageing potential, and other refinements are concerned.

Nature is fundamentally responsible for what each of these wines will become...